This page is where Jenny will be adding links to her videos and audio recordings on Mr and Mrs Tube of You.

Jenny's YouTube Channel is called Destress America and you can find it here. She'd like it to be called something else but computer said No. Sigh.

The channel features comedy performances, spiritual story-telling, meditation videos and energy healing audio recordings.

Handy links are shown below.

Check out this spiritual short story performance by Jenny - The Stone Man

Listen to any or all of seven audio recordings designed to release negative energies, including Anger, Fear, Jealousy and Pain, by clicking here.

Meditation recordings are linked here. In this section you will find guided meditations for the spiritually inclined and a useful offering on the subject of spiritual and energetic Protection.

And finally: enjoy some stand-up comedy here. This is one of Jenny's latest comedic inventions in the series "I Speak the Songs".  Here she is interpreting - some would say destroying - the wonderful anthem 'Jolene' by the Goddess of Country that is Dolly Parton, to whom Jenny apologizes sincerely. In fairness, the apology would have to be bigger and shinier if she actually sang the song. Just saying.