Dream the Happier Dream

America is known as the land of dreams and Super Tuesday is definitely all about people's dreams (and their nightmares), their hopes and their fears, their wins and their losses.

So, in honor of your dreams,  here's a metaphysical poem on the subject -

Dream the Happier Dream.

I woke up this morning to find I was living in a dream.

It was a dream I had created with my mind.


It was a dream great and vast.

Yet it was detailed and prosaic.

I had made it up myself.

It was my very own mosaic.


I sent thought out after thought.

I dreamt of passion and power.

At first I was the seed, but I then became the flower.

I was both the baby and the midwife in my own enactment of creation.

I even dreamed that I woke up and gave myself a kind ovation.


If your mosaic is prosaic 

Be the power of the flower.

Let your creation be an ovation.

As you dream the happier dream.


Dream the happier dream.

Dream the happier dream.