Jenny Haynes fearlessly tackles some stereotypes about the British

Good day to you all. Or as we say in Virginia: "What you know good?"

I have no idea why Virginians say that - it appears to be some sort of interrogative greeting but it's hard to tell when there are essential words clearly missing. Any road up, good day to you all and moving on.

Today I am addressing two long standing American stereotypes about the United Kingdom, namely British teeth and British beer.

This rhyme expresses them neatly:

The British are coming

The British are here

They've got bad teeth

And they drink warm beer.

Er, no. No to the teeth and a 'this is by no means the whole truth' for British beer.

Teeth:   A comprehensive study of and comparison between British and American teeth was published in the respected British Medical Journal in December 2015. It demonstrated that Americans have more missing teeth and worse oral health if they are poor. 

Read the full story about teeth here

Beer:   British beer is served at room temperature. I invite you to bear in mind that rooms in Britain are colder than rooms in Her Britannic Majesty's former colonies of the Americas. Because the weather is completely shit. That stereotype has to be allowed to stand.

However, and in addition, it is a horrible but true fact that cold beer is also served in the UK, alongside the room temperature beer. Refrigerated beer is a disgusting European initiative but it is allowed.

My name is Jenny Haynes and in my role as British cultural ambassador to the USA, I approved this message.

You're welcome.