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Verbatim Healing class - Appomattox

"We are here, we are here, and the gladness of our hearts knows no bounds. We are the Nexi. We are here to help you. We are here to give you what you need."

Join Jenny Haynes and her angelic friends the Nexi on Saturday August 13th for a Verbatim Healing class in Appomattox. Experience the spiritual loveliness of the Nexi whilst learning how to do energy healing.

Newcomers will receive attunements to one or more of their Living Words - divinely charged words of healing that express what you came here to be and to do.

Living Words are at the heart of Verbatim Healing, a completely new system of energy healing developed by Jenny and the Nexi. Think Reiki but words instead of symbols. Once attuned, you can use these words to do hands-on and remote healing for yourselves and others.

For those already familiar with the Verbatim system we will be accessing divine guidance to get clarity about our paths in these turbulent times.

This class will be held at Maxine Hollinger's home in Appomattox. Cost is $45 per person, payable in cash, by check or via PayPal here. RSVP to Jenny at: or call 434 258 5525 for more details, including Maxine's address.